More and More Workloads Are Moving to the Cloud From Now to 2018

Most companies hesitate to transfer their workloads between services and information in the cloud, so far although there have been many doubts about privacy and security. According to the latest 451 Research report, based on interviews with over 1,200 IT professionals in different parts of the world, the level of enterprise workloads is in fact Read More

The Switch to the Hybrid Cloud is Progressing Globally

According to a study by Cicero Group and Veritas Technologies, the private cloud, and public cloud alliance continues to grow in business. Three-quarters of companies worldwide continue their adoption of hybrid cloud, by definition involving the private cloud and public cloud. This is the salient point of a recent study sponsored by Cicero Group Technologies Read More

Cisco Cybersecurity Report- The Present and the Future of Security

The recent study Cisco 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report indicates that organizations are not prepared for the arrival of more sophisticated ransomware strains. Weak infrastructure, inadequate care of the network and slow detection times are giving cyber criminals plenty of time and plenty of room to operate. According to the results of the report the fight Read More

Gartner: 5 Keys Areas of Security Problem in 2016

The IT security professionals should better address the known risks, monitor the value of computer IT devices in the shade and solve the inherent weaknesses introduced by the Internet of things, according to Gartner. The consulting firm has reviewed the five key areas of security problem facing businesses this year, and issues forecasts and recommendations Read More

Operate the Pace of Business with MadeIT Solutions

Submit faster new products and services, move closer to customers, increase the productivity of users. Never pressure of innovation on your business has been stronger. However, your existing IT infrastructure is gearing up to the goals of your company? At the time of cloud and mobility, your computer model must be able to accommodate more Read More

Your Scalable and Automated Infrastructure as a Service Solution

MadeIT’s Cloud Computing Services provide compute, storage, application and network services on-demand, which are directly integrated into your IT infrastructure. The MadeIT Data Centre is the forefront cloud-based computing solution that meets their simple, comfortable handling of a public cloud while providing the security and reliability that can vouch for the private cloud. The ability Read More

What SMEs Need to Consider When Choosing Cloud Services

The selection of cloud services has grown over the past years in overwhelmingly large dimensions. But, as always when introducing new systems arises in connection with cloud services, the question of how the initial situation is where you want to go and how this is best achieved. These considerations make first completely detached to particular Read More

IT Leaders Have Little Time for Digital Transformation

A current study “The BT CIO report 2016 – the digital CIO” on behalf of the network and IT service provider BT clearly shows that while the CIOs around the world are driving the digital transformation, the processes, and systems of their companies and organizations are hindering the transformation. Their importance at the management level Read More

Information Management and Business Continuity in a Company

First, we would like to clarify what is business continuity. It is a plan by which a company or organization plans how to respond to any eventuality so that the interruption of their business is minimal. In that plan the processes that you need to put in place to ensure the least impact to a Read More

Managed Service: The Model for Business Continuity and Business Resilience

A 20-minute interruption systems an organization can lead to losses of more than $15,000. Cloud becomes the most effective platform for the restoration of failures and data protection in case of disaster recovery. Information technologies form the core for the development of new businesses in all economies in the world. The digital transformation is the Read More