Intelligent monitoring of infrastructure and applicatons Network & Infrastructure Monitoring

Managed Monitoring

IT outages are unavoidable even in redundant environments, but a quick elimination secures a decisive competitive advantage. MadeIT monitors critical servers and services on your network from different perspectives. If you have problems, our Helpdesk will be notified immediately via e-mail or SMS, so that an elimination of the fault can be done immediately.

Performance Tracking

After taking in the monitoring system and the installation of the required agents, servers and services are monitored 24×7. Since we operate several servers that are hosted by different providers, this monitoring is carried out from various perspectives of the performance and redundant.

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Not Just Ping Check

MadeIT provides relevant information about the condition of networks and warns of critical values. Our intelligent monitoring capabilities provide insight details of your services and resources, utilization of systems, bandwidths, and applications.

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Network Operations

Our network and infrastructure operation team reviews and reacts to alerts so as to provide a stable network, continuous monitoring of network and infrastructure components and ensuring the functioning of the active components.

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Network Operations

With a dedication to speed, productivity, and compatibility with all types of hardware and software, we provide great service and awesome results for our infrastructure monitoring service.

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What’s Included

MadeIT managed network & infrastructure monitoring services give you the advantage that you need not have their own monitoring infrastructure. Your servers, switches or firewalls are directly involved in monitoring. Our automated monitoring ensures that disturbances, compilation and analysis are collected within the ICT environment so that the organization is adequately provided with the relevant information.

  • Full Stack Monitoring

    Thanks to the monitoring of each element of your infrastructure including firewalls, VMs, routers, SAN, NAS, web servers, database servers, application servers, load balancers, CPU, storage performance and more around the clock, we can identify potential problems before they become dangerous.

  • Escalation Plans

    Our specialist network center works together with you to process and notify any alters and escalate to expertise contacts of potential service-impacting conditions. We can offer you access to a 24-hour service team with relevant experience in managed monitoring.

  • Proficient Remediation

    You benefit from a team of certified network specialists. Continuous monitoring and proactive network management win your ICT infrastructure reliability and protection against external threats. If an error occurs, an alarm is issued, and our on-site network engineers, system administrators or network operations center

  • Active Discovery Mode

    For our customers, we continually monitor performance, capacity and security status of added services and equipment in networks, services, applications, and data. So we identify bottlenecks or failures and correct them before they reach the IT users.

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Common Escalation Scenarios

  • Network Issues

    Network issue, reported packet loss, or high ping times, we model fit to the desired level of availability. With the help of a monitoring system and a defined control tasks, we minimize the technical availability of network issues.


  • Under Optimization

    Your system isn’t 100% operational, our Managed Services leverages your network and system uptime by comprehensively configuring and monitoring WAN, LAN, routers, and much more.

  • Hardware Issues

    Hardware replacement, software configuration, server clusters, load balancing settings, maintenance of the hardware infrastructure … you name it, and we are there around the clock for you.


  • Denial of Service

    We safeguard your network and infrastructure on any ongoing DoS attacks.

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