Reliable, Supported Virtualization for Your Enterprise Applications Virtual Infrastructure & Hosting
Virtual Infrastructure & Hosting – White paper
Contemplating a move to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI)? We can get you there. Our team of experts can help make the transition easy and painless.
Save countless hours of maintenance and upgrades by eliminating your physical workstations. Using virtual machines will allow you to cut hardware costs as much as 50%. Rolling out new applications will be a breeze in your new virtual environment.
Take advantage of our robust infrastructure to host as many or as few virtual desktops as you want. Our VDI solution seamlessly integrates with our other Virtual Infrastructure offerings such as Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, Lync and much more. The scalability is limitless.
Accessibility is imperative to a corporate environment. You can connect your offices to your VDI environment using a VPN, MPLS, or a direct connection. Traveling and telecommuting users will benefit from the ability to connect to their desktop from anywhere using virtually any platform, even mobile!
Sleep easy knowing that your environment is safe from disaster inside a secure data center. We have multiple generator and battery backed power feeds to keep your equipment running through the worst of storms. Multiple Internet carriers keep our connection live despite any provider network outages. We also offer a backup solution that can keep your data safe from virtually any disaster.
Experience the freedom of having your infrastructure managed and maintained by someone else. Contact us for a quote to get started.
Costs Traditional Local Infrastructure MadeIT VDI
Hardware Costs Expensive Up to 50% less than traditional infrastructure
IT Labor Costs each PC 700-900$ 200-300$
Pay as You Go No Yes
PC Lifecycle 2-3 years 5-7 years
Performance Limited & Slow FAST, Scalable & Efficient Use
Hardware on demand NO (fixed RAM/HDD/CPU) YES (scale as you need, for hours or permanent)
Local HDD 100-300 IOPS Up to 100,000s of IOPS
Graphic processing Expensive, static Dynamically rent GPU as you need
Uptime Limited to local HW Reduced downtime and increased availability
Security & Remote access Limited & Insecure Unlimited & Secure!
Access Local only Access from anywhere and any device!
Backup Manual, time consuming One click snapshots and backup built in!
Data Security Limited Data located in secure datacenter
Management Tricky, Timeconsuming & Limited Easy, Advanced, & Quick
Manage new employees Several hours Within less than 10 minutes a new VDI is rolled out!
OS migrations and Updates Time consuming Automated
Central desktop management No Yes
Central desktop deployment No Yes
Reduce complexity No Yes
  • Support for 16-, 32-, 64-bit apps on WS 2008R2/ 2012R2 and WinXP/7/8
  • Dynamically Scaling Cloud (increase of resources dynamically according to your usage needs)
  • Fully managed infrastructure available down to helpdesk and standard application support
  • Powered by our Scaling Cloud and VDI optimized and SSD cached Enterprise SAN
  • Optional VPN, MPLS , Fiber and Darkfiber available to build your Worldwide Virtual Office Infrastructure
  • Multi Datacenter Locations available to bring the VDI closest to your Users and to provide Failover
  • Available in our public Cloud as well as in Hybrid & Private Cloud configurations