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Hardware firewalls - supreme component of business protection

Round the Clock Managed Firewall

Firewallis an essential component at protecting your business from dangerous threats. MadeIT offers a range of dedicated, virtual and managed firewall solutions that you can dispense with the resource-intensive work in the maintenance of your firewalls.
MadeIT Managed Firewall Service provides firewall management around the clock and proactive response to attacks when they occur. Regardless of whether we make the hardware available or simply manage what you already own, you have more time to focus on your core businesscompetencies.

All secure services are monitored around the clock by an experienced team of certified security professionals, which can protect your business and meet your specific needs.Supported firewall vendors include:

Built around JuniperNetwork’s third-generation security ASIC and distributed system architecture,NetScreen security solutions provide high-performance firewall and VPN security to data center networks.

The built-in firewall of MadeIT with ASA IPS-Services uses the leading technology from Cisco to provide your organization’s firewall and IPS (Network Intrusion Prevention System) on a single, unified platform. Cisco ASA-based firewall can help you make great help when you want to achieve and maintain compliance with PCI DSS.

Robust Firewall optionsfor all needs

Multiple firewall service options include work within the network at your site, in your data center or virtually in the cloud. Other options include joint management, complete managementand monitoring by firewall technologies of the next generation.

Personal Support

Personaladvice so that you can select the correct firewall solution for your needs. We make assured that you install the appropriate firewall to protects your business with our security experts who maintain, manage and monitor network security.

Configuration Support

User-specific configuration for the installation and management of firewall systems according to your requirements. We cover security against online threats, comprehensive support forpatches, upgrades, testing and ongoing management.

Implementation Support

Provision of equipment, implementation, and integration with existing systems, locations, and networks.Our solutions include evaluation of your needs, full implementation of the selected solution and ongoing real-timemonitoring by security experts for remediation and incident identification.

Device Management

We perform a security review of network configuration and firewall rule-set and recommend security improvements. It includes running device management, proactive equipment upgrades,and patch management.

Packet Filter

Packet filter provides network and port address translation (NAT) and VPN support. Our solution protects your business from advanced threats by performing deep packet inspection and making addedgranular access results based on the full packet payload.


MadeIT firewall monitoring service delivers real-time monitoring, expert analysis of security activity, correlation and professional response to threats. This service improves theeffectiveness of your network infrastructure by analyzing the logs and alerts from devices in real time.


We provide reporting to different types of managed security reports including firewall logs, intrusion detection, integrity monitoring service services, and firewall activity reports based on the log file analysis.

MadeIT‘s Main Advantages

  • Ensuring compliance with PCI, HIPAA, GBLA, FISMA and other regulations
  • Scalable solutions are tailored to your security needs while your comprehensive data center network is growing worldwide.
  • Lower capital costs and predictable operating costs. You pay only a transparent monthly fee.
  • Protect your business against many types of network attacks
  • Cost-effective solutions do not require much capital. Hardware and maintenance costs are included in an affordable monthly payment.
  • The management comprises the full implementation and integration of installations and configuring recurring administrative and regular code updates.
  • Increase employee productivity, and make the defense of hacking and other malicious attacks the way for an excellent network performance.
  • Choose from several proven technologies to cover firewall and VPN capabilities, including Cisco ASA Firewall, Juniper NetScreen, and others.

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