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TMadeIT Support for Microsoft® SQL Server®

MadeIT understands that businesses need their Microsoft SQL Server environment visibility in real time to ensure an optimized database performance, to monitor usage trends for capacity planning and troubleshoot any problems.We provide a single instance to more complex solutions along with our vast experience to assume tasks like database builds, backups, performance improvement, increase operational efficienciesand other administrative jobs, so that you can concentrate on your business matters.

  • Utility Pricing for SQL Server Licensing

    MadeIT Utility licensing lets you have a consolidated dashboard-type view of resource utilization on all the servers in your multi-server environments based on your usage. We offer convenient utility monthly licensing pricing in the MadeIT cloud.

  • Standard Maintenance Plan

    MadeIT maintains industry best practices to assure that proper database maintenance and backup activities are performed to protect the company’s data and keep the system running smoothly with a minimal maintenance plan.

  • Optional Live Database Backup Agent

    MadeIT protects your environment with nearly instantaneous failover if a database goes down. Our intelligent Live Database Backup detects your SQL database is running on when disaster strikes and backup the database with automated scripts.

Additional Microsoft® SQL Server®
Database Services

  • Initial environment valuation and performance recommendations
  • Procurement and management of MS SQL software licenses
  • Monitoring of Database performance
  • Expert DBA consultation for performance improvement
  • Database troubleshooting in real-time
  • Database best practices recommendations
  • MSSQL Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance
  • Monitoring and proactive incident response
  • Replication and clustering of database
  • Query troubleshooting and optimization
  • Constant maintenance and support for the environment
  • Perform QA against Microsoft SQL Server Installation/Hardening
  • Perform failover/failback and database mirrors
  • First-class database services by the MadeIT professional services team

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