Virtual Office Infrastructure
Creating an infrastructure the size and scope of ours is no easy task. It starts with location; choosing a data center that has the power, carriers, and space to support our needs. Next is the network backbone, making it robust and redundant to support not only our current needs, but scalable so we can expand without drawbacks. Then all of the production pieces need to be reliable and compatible with one another, from servers to SANs.
Not only is this a time consuming task, it does not come cheap. But you can benefit from our investment when you host your office environment with us. There’s more to take advantage of than just our robust infrastructure. Starting with the virtualization of your environment, we can support and guide you through the process with our trained staff of experts.
Every environment is unique and requires special attention to the details that set it apart. As a host of a wide array of office environments, we specialize in the unique and exotic. Don’t let the uniqueness of your system hold you back from taking advantage of hosted virtualization.
Our virtual office environments support all of your operating system and software needs. From Microsoft Active Directory domains with Exchange and SQL to Linux systems including Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora and many more. We can support not only your server needs, but your desktop needs as well with a VDI solution. All of our offerings are custom built to meet your exact needs.
Putting your office in the cloud makes sense. Your admins can focus on your products instead of your infrastructure. Upgrades of CPU cores, RAM and disk space can be made dynamically on an as-you-need-it basis. You only pay for that you use, so you can maximize your utilization without overspending.
Let us handle your disaster recovery with automatic backups that needn’t slow down your system. Prevent disaster in the first place by having us monitor your important metrics and alert you when something is amiss. Rest assured that your environment is well insulated from environmental and physical damage in a secure data center with redundant, battery backed up power. We keep availability high by using a large blend of carriers to ensure you can always reach your equipment.
Contact us today to see how easy it can be to move your office environment to the cloud.