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VMWare vCloud

Offload maintenance and monitoring to us and free up full-time employees to work on other projects. Uptime Guarantee and our One-Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee.

compute virtualization and support for business critical applications and next-generation big data applications with proven CapEx and OpEx savings.

Free Your Resources from Day-to-Day IT Maintenance

You’re responsible for driving high-value strategic projects that help your business grow. But how do you balance that commitment with the constant resource drag of “keep-the-lights-on” activities?

There’s a better way. Free up your technical staff by offloading infrastructure and operating system management to us. MadeIT Private Cloud powered by VMware vCloud® provides a single-tenant hosted private cloud, designed with server, storage, and networking hardware from trusted vendors such as Dell®, EMC®, and Cisco®, that’s proactively managed 24x7x365 by our VMware Certified Professionals. You get VMware’s cloud management platform to build upon, while maintaining control through the vCloud web portal and vCloud API-compatible orchestration tools.

We’ll monitor and maintain the VMware software stack, including installing and configuring vCenter Server, backing up the vCenter Server VM, and monitoring your hypervisors. Plus, we’ll patch and monitor the guest OS, back up your VMs, and install and patch the antivirus on MadeIT-provided OS images.

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Maintain governance, while freeing up resources with a hosted managed cloud.