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Hypervisors and Cloud Automation

Hypervisor is a software designed to handle running virtual machines and managing them. The main work of the hypervisor is to create a simulation of hardware for each and every virtual machine that will feel as though they are running on physical hardware alone.

The availability of hypervisors will indisputably grow in the market and provide a compelling reason for enterprises that have not virtualized their infrastructure to begin doing so. It is especially true for small to medium business and emerging markets. The business model and real value of virtualization is evolving toward a virtualized infrastructure management.

VMware or the “Market Leader of Virtualization” is an indispensable commercial product that benefits large cloud establishments. Although expensive, it brings high efficiency to your cloud set-up.

  • Built-in Management Tool

    VMware Hypervisor provides integrated management tools with features such as central management, automatic load balancing, business continuity, power management and the ability to live migration of virtual machines across physical machines.

  • Storage Usage Efficiency

    VMware Hypervisor reduces disk footprint by up to 95% and a significant reduction in administrative load as the hypervisor is installed directly on the physical server and is not based is a generic operating system.

  • Hardware Compatibility

    VMware hypervisor supports more advanced features such as Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS), enhanced VMotion compatibility, and fault tolerance.

  • Memory Management Done Right

    VMware hypervisor is an excellent memory management tool that reclaims memory from less active VMs when it is required.

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Citrix XenServer server virtualization and hypervisor is a leading management platform that reduces the total cost of desktop, cloud and server virtualization infrastructure. XenServer is designed to provide the most effective management of virtual servers.

  • Best Performance for XenDesktop

    XenServer delivers the integrated virtualization platform for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, the best performance in the Application and desktop virtualization field.

  • Cloud-Optimized Virtualization

    Xen hypervisor is the most productive hypervisor for public and private clouds. XenServer has been developed concerning scalability, security and multi-client capability and is compatible with a variety of cloud management products.

  • Virtualization for Large Environments

    XenServer is designed to support large environments with features such as Storage XenMotion, Workload Balancing, Live Migration and Shared-Nothing Migration to manage infrastructure.

  • Corporate Server Virtualization

    XenServer offers Workload Balancing (WLB) and supports workload monitoring and reporting to provide administrators complete visibility into system performance.

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The KVM was the first hypervisor to be part of the native Linux kernel (2.6.20). The KVM is implemented as a kernel module, allowing Linux to become a hypervisor only when loading a module. Also, the KVM has recently added support for hosts (and guests) of symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and supports enterprise-class features such as live migration.

  • Fully Integrated into Linux

    The full integration with Linux Kernel allows the kernel to provide scheduling, memory management, and the necessary hardware drivers.

  • Support Many OS

    KVM Hypervisor supports BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution), Solaris, Windows, Haiku, ReactOS, Plan 9 and AROS Research OS together. Also, a modified version of QEMU (“Quick Emulator”) help Mac OS X run on KVM.

  • Easy Management

    The type 2 hypervisor simplifies management and improves the computing performance in virtualized environments with coordinated views for the processor, memory, disk, network and other resources of the host operating system.

  • Advanced Security

    KVM uses the capabilities of Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) to provide Mandatory Access Control security between virtual machines.

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Parallels Virtuozzo is the ideal solution for service providers who want to modernize their infrastructure and to profit from the advanced container-dependent technologies that will help to shape proposals for business and development of cloud applications.

  • Choose Distribution You Want

    You can decide from a list of operating systems for their hosting plans – CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. Virtuozzo provides the option of choosing a control panel with every version of Linux.

  • Greater Flexibility

    Virtuozzo hypervisor gives service providers the ability to simultaneously use multiple virtual machines and containers on the same physical server.

  • Data Protection

    Virtuozzo allows the use of checksums and verification of user data. You can also perform background checks and error correction to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data.

  • Powerful Power Panel

    The Virtuozzo Power Panel helps you manage and monitor your server without much technical skill.

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Cloud Control Panel & Automatization

The cloud control panel allows you to work with all technical features of the Cloud Computing service. This tool is designed to be transparent and easy management of your cloud servers and tracking their expenses. The panel from various vendors is also designed for maximum ease of use from any mobile device, enabling management platform in all

The VMware vCloud Automation Center (now called vRealize Automation) enables IT to speed deployment of personalized, business-relevant IT services and optimized at the same time the overall efficiency.

  • Personalized Self-service Experience

    The automation center provides infrastructure and application services, as well as support for personalized, policy-based governance.

  • Cloud-border Infrastructure

    VMware vRealize Automation takes advantage of flexibility in choosing the right cloud platform and the right location for your business needs.

  • Extensible Automation Platform

    VMware control panel supports a broad range of vendors and Clouds to automate the deployment of individual IT services.

  • Model Once, Deploy Anywhere

    You can streamline the design process by compiling applications from predefined components using a visual drag-and-drop interface.

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With the new XenServer, Citrix provides the updated XenCenter tools and Xen management console to manage virtual machines. XenCenter provides a graphical management interface to control one or more XenServer.

  • Great Management Console

    Citrix XenServer together with the XenCenter management console provides great resource pools, disk space, and the virtual machine management.

  • Extended Plugins

    Citrix is developing external plugins to extend the XenCenter functionality and facilitate routine management tasks.

  • More Automation

    XenCenter deals with automation such as dynamic memory management, searching, sorting, filtering, and grouping of XenServer, complete resource pool
    management, role-based access control, AD integration, VM snapshot management, and more.

  • Lower IT Costs

    The automated management processes are quick, which lowers IT costs and increases IT agility and flexibility.

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OpenStack control panel provides many advantages such as it is ideal for large volumes of data (big data) analysis, mobile applications, grid computing and others. It runs on commonly available hardware, and this brings cost management and flexibility to business.

  • Wider Flexibility

    The OpenStack control panel provides self-service, networking, compute, and storage along with support for multiple hypervisors simultaneously.

  • Ecosystem of Applications

    The open source standard allows those who want to offer online services (SaaS applications, execution PaaS or IaaS virtual machine pool) a great advantage over the proprietary tool.

  • Organize Templates in the Cloud

    The control panel allows you to run your module as a web server, such as application server and database server.

  • Self-service Management

    The interface offers self-service management of newly provisioned instances, such as snapshot, VM resizing, stop/start/deleting VMs, creation/attachments/deletion of volumes, network creation and security group management, and metadata imported into control plane.

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OnApp Cloud allows providers to offer their customers a true hybrid cloud hosting service, extending public and private platforms to provide a more powerful service that can be managed through the OnApp Cloud panel.

  • Intuitive Control

    The OnApp Cloud panel uses hardware virtualization to allow the use of different types of cloud hosting infrastructures such as public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds and VPS clouds.

  • Ease of Administration

    The panel provides rapid IaaS enablement with cloud infrastructure and simultaneous hosting of multiple versions of x86 and x64 Windows and Linux virtual machines.

  • Complete Server Management

    OnApp Cloud offers rapid distribution virtual machine using templates and support Xen, KVM and VMware hypervisor.

  • Cloud API

    OnApp comes with an API for users to get access to programmatic control of cloud capabilities that simplifies the integration of third party apps such as Hostbill, WHMCS, and Ubersmith.

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SolusVM control panel is a powerful virtualization that offers VPS interface to customers without spending much money. Using SolusVM, you can leverage your existing infrastructure and server while also improving the overall performance.

  • Advanced Security

    SolusVM currently supports seven different layers of security ranging from protection against brute force to blocking IP addresses and encryption standards unique data, which vary by installation.

  • Centralized DNS Automation

    SolusVM supports centralized DNS, which means you no longer have to deal with long phone calls about registering private server names.

  • Backups of All Virtual Containers

    SolusVM can make backups of all virtual containers assigned by the server to an FTP server at any time of day or night, ensuring that you are assured that your data is safe.

  • Various Virtualization

    SolusVM cloud control panel manages several different servers (slave) and supports various virtualization technologies (OpenVZ, Xen, and KVM).

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Proxmox Virtual Environment (Proxmox VE) is a complete open-source virtualization solution for servers. It combines KVM and container-based virtualization and manages virtual machines, container, storage, virtual networks and high availability clusters clearly via the central management interface.

  • Two virtualization technology

    Proxmox VE provides two virtualization technologies available on a single platform. It gives you maximum flexibility for your virtualized IT infrastructure.

  • Virtualization Container

    Proxmox VE uses OpenVZ virtualization to create multiple secure, isolated Linux containers (also known as VEs or VPS) on a single physical server empowering better server utilization and prevent application conflicts.

  • Live Migration

    With live migration, you can make your running virtual machines and containers migrate from one physical host to another – with no downtime.

  • Easy Hypervisor Automation

    Proxmox offers simplified management of backup and recovery, native support for bonding, High Availability (HA to VMware), and support for shared storage (NFS, iSCSI, SAN, and drbd).

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