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The strengths of your brand and the values of communicating them to existing and potential clients in today’s marketplace is an essential task. The customer experience in the digital interaction with your e-commerce site probably represents the difference between a positive or negative experience with your brand.

The constant availability is an absolute necessity in the sophisticated world of e-commerce. You cannot afford downtime literally. Pages of your website should load quickly, navigation on the page should be easy, and your server must deal with both predictable and unpredictable spikes. MadeIT gives you the performance, expertise and reliability you need to run your e-commerce hosting strategy. We have the right tools and expertise to optimize website for peak page loads, faster user experience, security, and PCI compliance.

  • Fast & Secure Servers

    Host your online store in the cloud for the ultimate in security, scalability and flexibility. It does not matter how much visitors generate the traffic to your online store, dedicated server and managed cloud solutions from MadeIT provide a consistently fast user experience. Your e-commerce hosting runs on a dedicated platform to enable additional cloud servers with the capability when it is too busy.

  • 24/7 Support Team

    With our extensive portfolio of products and services, we have always the right solution for you. Our specialists are always there for you. With our 24/7 support team, we go beyond just hosting your web shop, we think along with you to achieve the desired growth and development of a first-class online shopping experience.

  • E-commerce & Geek Extra

    With the suite of infrastructure services and applications, MadeIT provides business tools and technologies to support the e-commerce hosting for mission critical sites. We are experts in complex enterprise deployments and provide comprehensive SLAs and flexible contract conditions and our Big Data and Analysis allows retailers to quickly obtain reliable insights from their data.

Single Server

Ideal for small and medium e-Ecommerce sites needing all hosting needs in one package, Single Server hosting is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to build your web presence in our dedicated or cloud servers. With a recurring commit, we can host your websites in our servers with the help of cPanel/Plesk. We provision your hardware and custom solutions based on your needs that are fast, reliable, and secure. We bundle our premium services and our experts will help you to transform a single server as a web server, all at a competitive and affordable price.

  • Fast and secure web hosting
  • Rapidly Provisioned Servers
  • Auto-provisioned Dedicated Firewalls
  • High server bandwidth
  • Customized and performance web server
  • Able to host multi-user websites
  • Cost effective and scalable
  • Support from experts

Multiple Load Balanced Servers

We know that at peak load times, the last thing your business is to worry about your e-commerce hosting solution. That’s why we offer load balancing solution for your high traffic websites hosting requirements. Continue performance and peace of mind with our intelligent hosting on multiple dedicated or cloud load balancer server infrastructure to ensure high availability. This solution is high recommended for social networking, large e-commerce, and service providing enterprises.

  • Secure Global Network
  • Load Balancing for high availability
  • Industry-leading Server and Application SLAs
  • Distributes incoming traffic for better performance
  • High availability and scalability
  • High security
  • Full site redundancy
  • Fast tuning to deliver rapid page load speeds
  • Support from expert professionals

Multiple Geographical Data Centers

Our geographically dispersed data center networks allow web hosting companies to achieve the highest levels of business continuance, disaster recovery, and application availability. We understand that the foundation of enterprise-grade ecommerce solution requires best cloud infrastructures spread across multiple geographical data centers with virtual zero downtime. MadeIT offers all these plus you will always have all the capacity, performance and security it takes to deliver a superior customer experience. This solution is high recommended for social networking, large e-commerce, and service providing enterprises.

  • Catastrophe and disaster mitigation
  • Corporate stability
  • Highly Available, Highly Secure
  • Strategically located for geographic stability
  • Support from expert dedicated professionals
  • Industry-leading Server and Application SLAs
  • Fast tuning to deliver rapid page load speeds
  • Customized and optimized server
  • Infrastructure built with the most advanced security and critical systems.
  • Multiple user login permitted

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