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High Volume Cloud Server

Build a complete high volume cloud server environment on the MadeIT cloud, including setting up servers, databases, load balancers, software installation, and configuration. With our control panel, select the application or framework that you need and implementation service automatically with implementation and software installation.

  • Hypervisor Server Node

    Starting Price

    16GB Memory

    8 Core Processor

    160GB Disk Space

    6TB Transfer

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  • Control Panel Server Node

    Starting Price

    32GB Memory

    12 Core Processor

    320GB Disk Space

    7TB Transfer

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  • Hypervisor & Control Panel Server Node

    Starting Price

    48GB Memory

    16 Core Processor

    480GB Disk Space

    8TB Transfer

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  • Hypervisor & Control Panel Server Node

    Starting Price

    64GB Memory

    16 Core Processor

    580GB Disk Space

    10TB Transfer

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Top Server Features

  • Built for Reliability

    MadeIT Cloud Servers are in our world-class data centers with hardware RAID 10 storage, ECC memory and fully redundant networking and power supply to the host.

  • Global Regions

    Build your infrastructure in one of our seven global regions: In the USA (Columbus, Cincinnati, Dallas, New York, Atlanta)Vienna, Austria; and Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Power of Bare Metal

    Bare metal servers offer on-demand processing power you need. They are immediately available to you and give your business the flexibility needed to respond to changing needs.The powerful bare-metal servers are the ideal solution for the most compute-intensive and disk I/O-intensive workloads.

  • Extreme Networking

    Every cloud host receives 10 to 100Gbps to fuel heavy-bandwidth applications and intensefast storage performance.We deliver a full 10Gbps each to Cloud Servers, fully redundant networking and power all the way to the host.

  • Fast Processors

    Cloud Servers work with powerful processors deliversmaximum virtual CPUs for your resourceincentive applications.

  • Maximum Hybrid Flexibility

    Mix and match our bare metal server with private and public cloud, colocation and other customized hosting environmentsvia APIs to meet unique requirements of high-performance workloads and applications.

  • Scale on Demand

    Increase or decrease the scaling as needed, create season and test/development environment.Increase volume performance and productivity using native automation capabilities.

  • Config Drive

    Bootstrap your servers using config drive to start servers through imparting user data in your startup request. Server metadata and other configurationsare available as a disk attached to the server with read-only configuration.

Supported Distribution and Automatic Updates

MadeIT provides failsafe cloud services that ensure uninterrupted availability of your applications and data. You can choose from a wide variety of Linux and Windows images for your Cloud Servers including Ubuntu, Red Hat, Windows Server, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Arch Linux and others.

  • Create custom images from your Cloud Servers with which you can launch future servers.
  • Real-time Monitoring alerts for faster solutions
  • Role-Based Access for cloud security
  • Build an open cloud with open source cloud operating systems.
  • Compliance, security and data protection and failover to the cloud in the event of unplanned downtime