MadeIT Hybrid Servers
Hybrid Infrastructure that’s Flexible,
Scalable and Always On
public or private cloud, managed hosting and colocation for your best fit.

What Hybrid Solutions We Offer?

MadeIT Hybrid solutions has the agility, scalability, and security that is expected of a cloud enterprise-class, and is also supported by an industry-leading global network. MadeIT provides a hybrid-enabled cloud with all the controls, automation and advanced functions that are required for the promotion of business solutions. You get cloud
infrastructure, platform services, orchestration and managed services in a single, integrated platform of MadeIT.

Cost-effective Hybrid

MadeIT helps you to get the right mix of hybrid services from a single competent and reliable partner with cost effective hybrid solutions.

  • Integrated and optimized solutions from multiple IT infrastructure models combine technological opportunities with the company’s needs.
  • Combine the best of your traditional IT with additional capacity that could lift your IT alone.
  • Select individual offers, co-managed or fully managed hybrid solutions that are based on the priorities of your business.
  • Dedicated database server delivers high performance and reliability
  • On-demand Cloud Servers offer scalable web and application hosting
  • Dedicated firewall improves security for your dedicated cloud servers
  • Choose a Managed Cloud account to save time by letting us manage your infrastructure.

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VPN Bursting

Ideal for customers who don’t how much bandwidth they need at a given location.

  • VPN Bursting provides a real cost savings benefit for customers that customers commit to the least amount of bandwidth
  • Encrypted VPN tunnels enriches security while connecting to your existing data center
  • MadeIT uses Cisco ASA firewalls that enabled monitoring of your infrastructure
  • Choose one of our managed cloud service for fast throughput of cloud servers.
  • Our innovative hybrid solution solves the VPN performance problems while maintaining the highest levels of security.
  • Pay for only what you use in excess of the allocated amount

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Dedicated Load Balancing

Not sure how much load balancers are right for your situation? Do not worry, MadeITdedicated load balancing solution is perfect for high-speed data-rich media streaming or enterprise traffics and campaigns.

  • We set the price of Load Balancers on the basis of usage and activity. That way you always know what you spend. The charges are based on usage per current connections and bandwidth.
  • MadeIT load balancing technology manages your application traffic and take decisions about the routing of it. If a node fails, a health check can take proactive from circulation in order to maintain maximum availability.
  • You will get a specific IP address, support for multiple protocols and algorithms, easy access through an online control panel and open API.
  • Dedicated Load Balancer distributes traffic across your Dedicated and Cloud Servers
  • Choose a Managed Cloud account plan to save time by letting us manage your servers

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Enterprise Hybrid

Ideal for complex enterprise applications and mission critical implementations that require high availability.

  • Dedicated database and application servers provide high performance and reliability
  • Virtual servers and SAN storage providing fast performance and the control of an exclusive rental environment
  • On-demand managed Cloud Servers deliver scalable web and application hosting
  • Dedicated firewalls enhance security for your dedicated and Cloud Servers
  • Dedicated load balancers distribute traffic over your Dedicated and Cloud Servers
  • You will be in configuration, migration and more accompanied by experts from our Cloud solution team

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Advantages of Hybrid Hosting

The MadeIT Managed Hybrid Solution helps to reduce IT costs, increase responsiveness, and increase flexibility. Our specialists design, implement and operate for a hosting platform that allows you the freedom to concentrate entirely on your applications.

  • Elastic Managed Hosting specifically for business customers
  • Support for hybrid and private cloud solutions
  • Individual Business SLA for availability, and serviceability
  • Can be integrated into corporate IT via secure MPLS networks
  • Unlimited support for existing/future infrastructure and server
  • Unlimited support of users and their client machines within the company
  • Monitoring systems
  • Proposal and implementation for the renewal of the existing infrastructure as a whole
  • Workloads Across Hosting Environment

    MadeIT enables moving the different application workloads across hosting environments to the most suitable infrastructure platforms without time consuming network modifications, so you can maximize application performance and efficiency.We provide the hybridized environment to support and scale a wide array business needs.

  • Direct Application Traffic

    MadeIT combined platforms allow direct application traffic within different environments without any bottleneck across a single VLAN to reduce bandwidth costs. The hybrid solutions are adjusted for periodic spikes traffic by scaling network resources for database, storage and web applications.

  • Access a Single Point of Contact & Single Bill

    MadeIT offers test and sandboxes environment so you can create and test new resources to address new business requirements and connect seamlessly to production environments. The hybrid solutions also eliminate companies to replace all of their legacy technologies, resulting in substantial CAPEX savings.

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