Can your Business survive a breach? HIPAA Compliant Hosting
100% HIPAA Compliant Solution
We understand that there can be no room for error when it comes to meeting HIPAA compliance. That’s why our approach to meeting the needs of our clients in the medical industry is very methodical and well researched. Choose from our varying HIPAA compliant options to meet your specific business and budget requirements.
HIPAA Cloud Hosting
We can create a HIPAA compliant cloud environment to meet the needs of your practice.
HIPAA Managed Servers
If you prefer dedicated servers over cloud, we can provide you with custom built servers that meet both your business needs and HIPAA requirements.
HIPAA Colocations
Looking for a secure location to host your own server with a HIPAA compliant network? We have the space and technology that you’re looking for.
HIPAA Features
  • Passed a HIPAA audit with 100% compliance
  • Complete cloud server disaster recovery with DR Now!
  • We sign BAAs (Business Associate Agreements)
  • Offsite backup available
  • High availability infrastructure
  • PHI breach insurance protection
HIPAA compliance can be complicated, confusing and costly. Don’t get hit with a violation on an overlooked technicality. We have a proven track record with meeting HIPAA compliance. Let us get you there quickly and painlessly. We have the infrastructure and the experience to make it happen.
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