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More Innovation and Less Management with MadeIT Dedicated Server

logoWhen safety and consistent performance are your top priorities, a dedicated infrastructure is a robust solution. However, sometimes it is necessary that you quick access to dedicated servers. Then you do not want to wait until the servers come online.

Whether this need is driven by compliance, high I/O performance or simply prefer to have applications in a dedicated environment running, MadeIT ensures that your environment is quickly online. Here we use standardized configurations. The server (s) includes a dedicated hardware firewall, monitoring tools, backup, outbound bandwidth per account and all the support that standard is involved in Managed service level.

MadeIT Dedicated Server Hosting provides a dedicated and tailored infrastructure for large, static workloads with high performance, security and compliance regulations. This allows businesses, public organizations, and educational institutions to meet their requirements for the safety, compliance, and accessibility.

Integration of dedicated managed services and virtual services into a single solution, leverages the best of both infrastructures. Organizations reap the benefits of virtualization technology: CAPEX reduced, simplified updates and dynamic changes. They also provide stable performance and appropriate infrastructure.

MadeIT provides managed hosting a private cloud for greater technical flexibility and better performance. We offer dedicated hosting virtual server cluster, and storage can be increased on demand. It is also possible to deploy virtual machines in any configuration within the limits of the infrastructure and software.


Dedicated server hosting provides the agility to scale the device quickly, depending on the business requirement without affecting the investment budget.


Hosted in data centers, which offer 100% availability SLAs. Many of our facilities have the management and operation to optimize the device for reduction of credit risk due to human error.


A global network of data centers provides you with the services and the coverage that you need.

Manage your IT Costs

Many IT departments have to make do with stagnant or declining budgets. With Dedicated Server Hosting, you can switch from capital investments in hardware and software to more easily predictable monthly operating expenses.

Minimize the Risks

With dedicated environments, you achieve a higher security than shared environments. They provide access to a suite of managed cybersecurity platform that helps you meet compliance and security policies.

Flexible Solutions

IT departments need to adapt their business quickly to the market changes. To respond promptly, we offer hosting solutions in data centers worldwide to direct access to the hybrid IT solutions.

Improved Safety

Your environment is protected by a managed, dedicated Cisco ASA firewall, monitoring, and backups with data retention.

Reliable Architecture

Your environment is running in state-of-the-art data centers around the world. Each server comes standard with redundant power, HVAC, and 100% network availability.

The Perfect Robust Infrastructure for Your E-commerce Hosting Solutions

ecommerce-305x120The world of e-commerce is fast and high-tech. Therefore, it is not the easiest task to keep up-to-date, but your customers do expect this from you. It is no longer enough to create your website, upload your products and wait for the arrival of the orders. At the same time it is difficult to stand out among the competition. And your customers buy just as easily at another shop, so how do you make sure that they stay with you?

Customer experience is king. Your website should be full of relevant content, interactive and should offer the same experience on computers, tablets and smartphones. Pages of your website should load quickly, navigation on the page should be easy, and your server must deal with both predictable and unpredictable spikes.

MadeIT gives you the performance, expertise and reliability you need to run your e-commerce strategy. We have the right expertise, the robust infrastructure and the specialist knowledge to be able to get the most out of your website hosting.

MadeIT Advantages

An e-commerce platform to choose is an important decision. It is the backbone of your online sales channel and is one of the biggest investments you can make. And this investment must deliver maximum performance.

At MadeIT, you can host any demand e-commerce platform. Whichever you choose, we have years of experience in hosting these environments. And this specialized knowledge and experience we use to help you configure, deploy and optimize the chosen platform.

When you sell products online, then security, risk and compliance is absolutely crucial. MadeIT helps you to design a solution that can take a beating. Together, we secure your website so that your business is protected. Check a number of advanced security and filter traffic to your store, stop intrusion attempts and scan your infrastructure vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Your customers rely on you to properly regulate the security of financial transactions on your website. The personal data stored on you should remain confidential. An absolute requirement for an environment is to have PCI compliant and it constantly monitors your environment to burglary attempts. You do this by constantly scanning your network, catch hackers to install a firewall and always install the latest updates and patches. This is what we all do for you. Our managed cloud combines the unlimited power and scalability of the cloud with the safety and security of dedicated hosting.

Host your online store in the cloud for the ultimate in scalability and flexibility. It does not matter how much traffic generated by the visitors to your online store, cloud solutions from MadeIT provide a consistently fast buying experience. Would you reassure your customers by incorporating additional security, you easily attach a dedicated server to your cloud platform.

With our extensive portfolio of products and services, we have always the right solution for you. Our specialists are always there for you. We go beyond just hosting your website, we think along with you to achieve the desired growth and development of a first-class online shopping experience.