Focus on Innovation Rather Than on Infrastructure Hosting & Infrastructure Services

Hosting & Infrastructure

Focus on Innovation Rather Than on Infrastructure

Are you flexible and responsive, while your employees focus on the initiatives that your company requires? MadeIT enables customers to focus on their business and at the same time, keep the IT environment up to date and running with our world class Hosting Services.

With a comprehensive portfolio and worldwide data center partners, including America, Europe, Asia and Africa, MadeIT can leverage your complex IT infrastructure and applications, including fully managed networks, colocation, cloud computing, servers, storage, data management, operating systems and security measures.

Solutions That Accelerate Business Performance

MadeIT is a partner for practical solutions, the right experts, industry proven methods, a comprehensive network and IT services together to advance your business. We provide secure and reliable colocation services for companies in various industries, enabling them to increase their business efficiency, reduce costs, increase growth opportunities and to improve their level of service.

For many of the world’s largest companies, we are regarded as trustworthy and reliable colocation provider. Our global footprint includes Data Center in America and Europe and across other continents and their infrastructure that has a minimum redundancy.

Why Choose MadeIT Hosting Services & Infrastructure

We know your business and understand the needs of complex need.

  • You pick the server you need
  • Recommendation by our specialists
  • User Virtual desktop to have a complex calculation run on super fast data centers.
  • Have exact data protection and security
  • Physical and logical multi-level protection. Our security trust government agencies, financial institutions, insurance, healthcare and retail and many more.
  • Backup that really works in case of need
  • Pay what you get

Some More Reasons Why Choose
MadeIT Hosting Services & Infrastructure

  • Quick

    We keep installation and configuration as easy as possible. Our pre-configured packages fit the demand of many standard applications. Our specialists are ready to respond to major or unplanned issues.

  • Flexible

    Our solutions have an underlying grid to meet many known challenges. From just a small dedicated solution up to cages for data centers, we provide solutions as per your needs.

  • Monitoring &

    Improve efficiency by using our infrastructure experts, who will provide on-site technical support. You benefit from trusted and approved solutions and staff that know what to do. Our live-circle-service assure the optimum in operation.

  • Easy

    With our selection system, you will find easy and quick right solutions for your actual mission. Flexible cable systems allow the standardized process of implanting in hours new systems.

  • Industry

    We provide a complete package with hybrid IT options and a range of data center services. Our data centers provide a global marketplace that brings together the suppliers, cloud providers, integrators, enterprises and service providers.

  • World Class

    MadeIT is your data center partner who complements your IT staff. Whether you need migration support or project management, our team in the Infrastructure Services is here to help you.

From the Desktop to the Data Center

MadeIT managed services ensure the protection and optimization of your network, your applications, and your infrastructure so that you can keep up with the business and remain competitive.

We are selecting the Best Cities and the Best Data Centers across the world. Our Customers no longer need to invest in bricks, mortar, global staff and network management. And as your needs change, spin up new servers and test market them, consolidate, turn down servers and evolve your infrastructure.

Full Portfolio Capabilities

  • Provides managed service providers, the complete turnkey solutions from a single source.
  • Experienced and responsible team, specializing in complex IT-technologies
  • Simplified IT management with available around the clock customer support

Flexible, Agile Model

  • We manage scalability oriented services in data centers locations in all continents worldwide
  • Certified experts through improving the protection of networks, infrastructures and application environments agility.
  • Better financial models and control mechanisms facilitate the monitoring of budgets and the budgeting of IT costs.

Higher Business Performance

  • Keep pace with global competition thanks to scalable IT initiatives.
  • Partnership and cooperation in IT and digital transformation initiatives.
  • Thanks rationalized administrative and financial stability, companies can focus on market expansion, improved customer service

Physical Infrastructure Safety

Your data is safer than in-house. We take care of fundamental basics in selecting the location and building.

Always Connected

Where ever the local ISP does, we can connect them as fast by physically supply 19 telephone companies in our house.