Information Management and Business Continuity in a Company

First, we would like to clarify what is business continuity. It is a plan by which a company or organization plans how to respond to any eventuality so that the interruption of their business is minimal. In that plan the processes that you need to put in place to ensure the least impact to a Read More

Managed Service: The Model for Business Continuity and Business Resilience

A 20-minute interruption systems an organization can lead to losses of more than $15,000. Cloud becomes the most effective platform for the restoration of failures and data protection in case of disaster recovery. Information technologies form the core for the development of new businesses in all economies in the world. The digital transformation is the Read More

The Myths and Lies About the Cloud Before You Migrate

Cloud computing continues as a priority in the head of the CIO. This is good news for those who live in this and companies are taking the cloud as a priority in the budget devoted to undertaking the digital transformation of their businesses. Gartner in the annual CIO survey found that cloud is still held Read More

Extraordinary Online User Experience with MadeIT Managed Applications

MadeIT provides a broad range of solutions for infrastructure applications for web environments. Each solution is backed by experienced experts who support these web environments for some of the largest and most prestigious brands in the world. Whether you need the web, middleware, database, business applications, or all of it, MadeIT will assist you. As Read More

More Innovation and Less Management with MadeIT Dedicated Server

When safety and consistent performance are your top priorities, a dedicated infrastructure is a robust solution. However, sometimes it is necessary that you quick access to dedicated servers. Then you do not want to wait until the servers come online. Whether this need is driven by compliance, high I/O performance or simply prefer to have Read More

The Perfect Robust Infrastructure for Your E-commerce Hosting Solutions

The world of e-commerce is fast and high-tech. Therefore, it is not the easiest task to keep up-to-date, but your customers do expect this from you. It is no longer enough to create your website, upload your products and wait for the arrival of the orders. At the same time it is difficult to stand Read More

10 Most Important Things You Can Do With MadeIT VDI Solutions

Virtualization is not just for geeks or for those who runs enormously powerful servers. It offers something for everyone, and if you have not already wet your feet in the ocean of virtualization, then you are at serious risk of being left behind. In its strictest sense, virtualization refers to running two or more operating Read More

MadeIT Managed Hosting: Support of IT in the Transformation of Business Innovations

IT is no longer a back office, but a board matter and transformed the way business is generated and innovation are operated. Technology has today allowed innovative processes and systems – while daily operations more need to be managed including security, end-user applications, data analysis. CIOs and IT teams today need partners who can solve Read More

MadeIT Infrastructure Management Minimizes Your Risk While Improving The Service

Swap out every day administrative processes and minimize your risk while enhancing the service. Reduce your risk through proven techniques, tools and competent of MadeIT resource and take advantage of our expertise to strengthen your customer relationships through improved service performance. The skills of MadeIT in the areas of infrastructure and application management allow you Read More

Build Your Dynamic Infrastructure With MadeIT Custom Solutions

Demand for the company’s IT solutions is rapidly changing. Depending on the projects and services, it may be necessary for the temporary use of additional resources, other time – on the contrary – enough will be less availability of servers and computing power. Previously set parameters and lengthy process of ordering additional services such as Read More